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Finally I made time provide a daily digest version of the new class alert messages. This means that from now on, new classes will be notified by e-mail with a single message that is sent at 00:00 server time (currently GMT+1).

This is meant to send much less messages to the subscribers to let them know about classes approved during the past day. Users that still want to receive immediate alert messages when new classes are approved may switch back that option in the user options page.

So, now I am able to approve more classes per day and so recover the huge pending approval class queue that now has more than 30 classes awaiting. Apologies for the long wait to the authors that have submitted their work.

The current queue is expected to be processed in about a couple weeks. If you have submitted your classes to the site, please be patient.

For the authors that would like to see their classes approved sooner, be aware the site is giving priority to the classes provided by authors that have provided their personal details in the user options page, like a serious picture of their face, the birth date (to display the age), URL of home page, country of origin. Classes with a project record in Freshmeat will also have approval priority.

The reason why the classes of authors that provide these details has priority is because the users like to know more about the authors of the classes and that makes the their work and the site look more credible.

Providing personal information is optional. Classes of authors that are not interested to provide their personal information will be approved but just a little later.

Another subject, I was told by the New York PHP Conference organization that more than 150 users will be attending this US east coast conference.

That seems to be good news and reflects the fact that PHP is very appealing as a software development solution and there is plenty of people that want to know more about the advanced issues presented in this event.

The conference will be held on April 23-25, 2003. If you are interested to go you still have time to sign up. Just go in here:

The PHP Classes has helped promoting this event at no cost for the organization by showing in the site the conference banners with priority to US based users.

If you make part of the organization of other PHP conferences around the world, feel free to contact me so your conference can benefit of similar exposure to the PHP Classes site users.

Manuel Lemos

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