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File: testclass.php

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File: testclass.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Test the methods of Excel class.
Class: Excel
Manipulate Excel files using the COM interface
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Date: 23 years ago
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/* Test for Excel.php: A class for use with PHP4 scripts only*/

 * This is a test file for Excel class to create,load,read,write,save and use some of the
 * internal functionalities of workbooks and sheets.
 * Tested with Windows 98 - MS Office 2000
 * Apache 1.3.9 PHP4.02 Running as CGI
 * (c) Alain M. Samoun 09/2000.
 * Gnu GPL code (see for more information ).
 /* Set up files and directories for the test. Change as you wish.*/
 # Put the include file in your php include directory
require ("excel.php");
# Put the test.xls file in the C:\My Documents\ directory
$workbook = "test.xls";
$pathin = "C:\\My Documents\\";
$sheet = "test";
$pathout = "c:\\My Documents\\"; #The directory to save your files

 /* Instantiate Excel and open the test file. */

 #Instantiate Excel
$E = new Excel;

#Open the workbook
"Test starting..<br>";

/* Read the content of a cell or range of cells */

  # Read the A1 cell
Print "The content of cell A1 is: ". $E->readrange($sheet,"A1")."<br>";
# Read the content of cells A1,A2,A3,A4
$content = $E->readrange($sheet,"A1:A4");
        if (
$count = sizeof($content);
            for (
$num=0; $num<$count; $num++)
"Got Cell A$num2 Content = ". $content[$num] . "<br>";
/* Write to a cell or range of cells */
  # Change the content of cell A1
$E->writerange($sheet,"A1","New content");
# Read the new content
Print "The content of cell A1 now is: ". $E->readrange($sheet,"A1")."<br>";
# Write an array of numbers to the cells B1,C1,D1,E1
$array = array("1","2","3","4");
# Read the new content for the range:
$content = $E->readrange($sheet,"B1:E1");
       if (
$count = sizeof($content);
        for (
$num=0; $num<$count; $num++)
$letter= chr(66+$num);
"Set cell $letter"."1 Content= ". $content[$num] . "<br>";
/* Write a formula in cell B3 */
# Read the B3 content
Print "The content of cell B3=SUM(B1..D1) is: ". $E->readrange($sheet,"B3")."<br>";

/* Execute a macro */
 #The following will run the macro Macro2 that will put a string on cell D6
 #content of cell D6 before macro
Print"Cell D6 before macro:". $E->readrange($sheet,"D6")." <br>";
#Read the macro result:
$result = $E->readrange($sheet,"D6");
"Cell D6 content after running Macro2 = $result <br>";
/* Read the result of a build-in excel function */

 #Example: PMT financial function
$arrayparam = array("0.08/12","10","10000");
$result = $E->runfunction("PMT",$arrayparam);
"<br>Financial function PMT result using the \"run function \" method: ".sprintf("%.2f",$result);

/* Convert all files in a directory */
/* (Uncoment to run this part)
 #File to convert from extension "xls" to extension "csv"
     if ($E->XLTranslate($pathin,$pathout,"xls","csv",0))
         print "<br>All 'xls' files in $pathin have been converted to 'csv files in $pathout.<br>";
 /* Save the workbook */

 #Save the current workbook as a quattro pro file:
"<br> $workbook has been saved as a WQ1 file. <br>";

/* Close workbook and exit excel */
     unset (
/* Start a new instance of excel with a new workbook */
$E = new Excel;
$E->XL("",$pathin,"sheet1"); #Note the empty name for workbook
Print "<br>Starting a new workbook<br>";
# Write something in cell A1
$E->writerange("sheet1","A1","Cell A1 in the new workbook");
# Read the new content
Print "The content of cell A1 in the new workbook is: ". $E->readrange("sheet1","A1")."<br>";
# Save the new workbook as an xls file
# And close it
         unset (

"<br> Test finished!";