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Class: PHP MySQL Info to MD
Generate a MySQL table structure Markdown report
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Generating report for a given MySQL database as MD-Files

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This class can generate a complete documentation of a MySQL database in Markdown format. In the MD format the documentation can be made available for everyone who is involved in an project containing a MySQL database. There are various scenarios: - The easies way is just make the files accessible at the filesystem/fileserver - More comfortable can be a webbased publication as part of an intra- or extranet since the MD format is wide supported - Or you can integrate it into other proprietaire layers (i.e. wikis, documentation systems, ...)

The report contains 1. An overview file with links to datail files for - tables - views - procedures - functions - trigger 2. Details for tables and views - all fields with datatype and keydefinition, nullable, defaultvalue - defined triggers - defined constraints

 - tables referenced by this table
 - tables that references this table
  1. Details for precedures, functions and trigger - create statement containing all infos


  1. Create an `mysqli` connection to the database to build the report for.
  2. Create an instance of the `MySqlInfoMD()` class and pass the DB connection
  3. Set prefered directories and options
  4. Call the `buildInfo()` method.
$strDBHost = 'localhost';
$strDBName = 'demo';
$strDBUser = 'demo';
$strDBPwd = 'demoPWD';
$oDB = mysqli_connect($strDBHost, $strDBUser, $strDBPwd, $strDBName);

$oInfo = new MySqlInfoMD($oDB, $MySqlInfoMD::STANDALONE);

> Note: > Since the Markdown renderer that is used at do not support MD > tables, you will not get a satisfactory display if you look at the example directly > in the source view window here in the package.

Supported types

The report can be generated for - STANDALONE Create the MD files for standalone use (file or web based) to view with a browser addon or any MD viewer - GITHUB_WIKI Build the MD files to upload to a Github-Wiki. - SKIEN_WIKI Build the MD files for display inside a self defined structure for more complex wikis.

recommended browser add-ons

A very good display quality you get e.g. with the browser add-on *'Markdown Viewer'* (from somiv) that is available for most major browsers:



or visit on github