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very nice article

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Subject:very nice article
Summary:very nice article
Author:Josť Filipe Lopes Santos
Date:2021-08-02 09:38:52

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Picture of Josť Filipe Lopes Santos Josť Filipe Lopes Santos - 2021-08-02 09:38:52

Thats a very nice article, thanks for sharing ;-)

I dont know that github now has a wiki section .. !

I think the most commom used is the file as the main page with a little of information !

In my recent project in Django / Python, we use Sphinx to generate documentation ...


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Picture of Stefan Kientzler Stefan Kientzler - 2021-08-04 15:08:50 - In reply to message 1 from Josť Filipe Lopes Santos
You're right - GitHub wiki seems not to be spreaded verry wide so far!
I also only stumbled upon this feature by chance a while ago ;-)

Apart from the new menu item (which, by the way, can also be hidden in the settings of a repo), I haven't seen much references or even advertisements from GitHub ...

After looking at the possibilities, I quickly came to the conclusion that I will work with it in the future, because on the one hand it can be used very easily with Markdown, can be expanded with a few clicks and, above all, the documentation is managed directly at same location as the code.

The connection with the automatically generated class reference results in very detailed documentation with little effort ...