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Subject:PHP Google Calendar Add Event
Summary:Use this package in a website
Author:Henri Vermeiren
Date:2021-01-07 15:46:16

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Picture of Henri Vermeiren Henri Vermeiren - 2021-01-07 15:46:16
I installed his package on localhost on my PC and it works fine.
By this my personal Google calendar is used as organisator of the event. I understand this is normal as I am logged in with my google-account.

My intention is:
- to use this package on a website.
- to create once a Google calender for this website and in the future to use this website-calender to invite people to the organised events.

My question is:
- the website is not logged in with a google-account
- how can the organisator-calender be setup to the website-organisator-calendar?

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Picture of Stefan Kientzler Stefan Kientzler - 2021-01-07 16:41:04 - In reply to message 1 from Henri Vermeiren
Hi Henri,

Unfortunately, this package is not suitable for your intention, as it is designed to enter an appointment in the Google calendar of the current user and works purely URL based.

For your purposes, you probably need to dive into the Google Calendar API to find a solution: ...

Or maybe you can find another way or at least some inspiration by reading the following article - I haven't read the post in detail myself :-( ...

regards Stefan